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Topic: Decorating/remodeling Double wide mobile home..HELP

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  • Started 4 years ago by mypips33
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    First off i want to say hi fellow bloggers, i am new and just love this blog and all it creativeness..is that a word?Lol.

    Ok so here is my question- i am going to be purcashing a double wide mobile home soon and i want to totally renovate it either French country or Shabby Chic and no matter what i want brown flooring in my kitchen- any ideas?

    I was really looking for pics of like renovated trailers or inside trailers, you get the jist rite? I only found one site that directed me to a beautiful Shabby Chic trailer in a country living magazine, but i want more..........more i say.help ladies.Nice to meet you all and thanks so much

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    don't know much about renovating to either style, sorry. wanted to say hi! and to suggest for the floor...benjamin moore and sherwin williams both have websites that can lead you step by step into painting your floor to look like a different texture/style, etc. like brick, marble...check it out

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  3. I'll bet that Robelyn of RednecChic might be able to help you. Hopefully she'll see this and chime in. Welcome to the Revolution and please be sure to drop by our "House Warming Party" to let us know a little about yourself.


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  4. paintwife


    Welcome to the junking board Mypips33. I guess I'd have to see pictures to offer any decorating tips. I know you'll find some help here from someone, they're all generous with sharing ideas and information.


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  5. Hello Mypips33! Check out this blog. She's an interior designer living in a double wide. If you go to her sidebar there are pics of before and after. She has taken a break from blogging for now, but you can look at her past posts.


    Hope this helps--Jill

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    Hi and welcome to the forum! My first thought was, "Why is she concentrating on trailers, etc. when she's looking for ideas!?" Girl, a double wide IS a home. Get out those neat ideas you've been saving that show the type of style that you want and get after it. I lived in a large mobile home for years and it was always regarded as a house to me.

    Keep us informed on what all you're doing. I'd love to see your progress. Good luck!

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  7. lovecrafting


    We did the kitchen floor in our mobile home using inexpensive plywood. We cut it into 2 ft. X 2 ft. squares and put it down like tile but changing the direction of the wood grain with each piece we put down. One vertical-one horizontal. Once it was all down we stained it and it came out looking great. Kind of hard to explain but hopefully you get what I am trying to say. Or if you wanted you could use 2 different stains and do some sort of a pattern with the wood tiles.

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  8. Lovecrafting your floor sounds neat. We live in a 14x70. There's alot of things I'd like to do, but it's mom's trailer(we all live here). We did redo the several things in the bathroom...

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  9. Blossom Lane

    Blossom Lane


    Greetings! Congratulations on your home purchase! I, too, am a fan of Country French and Shabby decor.

    Just browsed the pics that jillruth sent you! What wonderful ideas! I was sooo impressed with one woman's gift of decorating. A lot of her colors were Country French and the wood floors are just what you are talking about!!

    The community here on Junk Revolution is incredibly caring as well ultra-creative. I sometimes can't wait to get home, turn on my computer, and check what is new with my junkin' buddies!



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  10. Blossom Lane

    Blossom Lane

    PS. Have you looked at the website: mobilehomerepair.com?

    Lots of great ideas!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  11. Ah....the lovely mobile home...LOL Welcome welcome pips!!! So glad you found us!!!

    Floors, walls...dreaded textured ceilings, disgusting "paper" cabinet doors...i had it all!!! I'm slowly slowly renovating - loving EVERY minute of it!!!

    My floors are next on my lists - so I'm reading and reading to hear what all have to say!!! My options right now are...the plywood 2x2 squares as suggested above (i'm SERIOUSLY considering that with BIG screw heads to make a more "modern" pattern) or I'm looking at the laminate. The laminate is my other sample i'm hauling around...but for me it doesn't tickle my fancy all that much. I have carpet right now and AUGH - it doesn't work so well WAY out in the country with animals!!! I was also thinking about dragging together all of my various barn wood pieces, sanding them smooth and just going for it...very randomly of course!

    Now, I can't really help in the Shabby Chic or French Country dept as a whole decorating scheme - but I do throw whatever catches my attention into my house (some shabby - a lil' bit of french some places) and somehow it works!!! You know, for your brown floors - what if you did a BROAD brown and cream stripe? Maybe...a 12 - 18" stripe? That way you would get some visual interest starting at the floor - then going up and around the room! If you laid it all out right it would even make the room look larger! Then, do the candle waxing method on your cabinets with a brown base and cream distressed top coat? You could take that color combo and work it into shabby or french (or shabby french chic?)...it would be gorgeous with a brown and cream toile, then you could go nuts with whatever accent colors you wanted to use!

    Yep, I'm rambling...LOL I can't wait to see what you do!!! Be sure and post pics!!!

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  12. We lived in a 16 X 58 mobile home for a few years. It looked ok when we bought it... The first thing we tried to do was to paint the kitchen. HHHMMMM the cabinets were made out of drywall and particle board with plastic doors. I discovered a salvage yard - cabinets!!! We put some in and put ceramic counter tops in. The floors in our trailer weren't stiff enough for ceramic on the floors so we put in some tile I found marked down at Lowes. The walls all had pretty tacky paper so we painted. There was a "garden" tub in the master bath - it held 200 gallons of water but the water heater only held 40 gallons. LOL So that came out and we made a nice big closet. We put in a small bathroom cabinet and used left over tiles from a job for the counter top - I love Italian marble... LOL DH had to cut down a door so we could loose the trailer door look. It was an inexpensive place to live.

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  13. I agree.....don't think "trailer", think "home", and don't let anyone tell you you "can't". There's always a way...you can add molding to doors to change the style..inepensive and quick change. If you are going to replace the kitchen cabinet doors, you might want to take some off now, and paint or paper the backs, and put out your everyday dishes or a collection in there. I don't like carpet, I guess because I've always let the pets in, AND the fact that we live in the country down south. We're talking red clay, sand, rich black dirt and all kinds of stuff for feet to track in. Easier to sweep and mop! Join freecycle and you'll find all kinds of things for remodeling there...free, of course :D See if you have a Restore or Habitat store..we don't! so sad....and find great prices there. Find magazines or books and save the pictures of any room in the home that you like, and save the photos for your inspiration. You can go to the library for that and use the copy machine...myself, I can't afford to buy all the magazines I want to..lol...so that's what I'd do. I find inspiration in the paint sample books, the ones that show rooms painted in co-ordinating colors.
    Good luck and Happy Junking (and Decorating)

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  14. Here's a link to an article country Living did about ayear ago on a woman who re-did a double wide. It is AMAZING.

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  15. OMG LOVE IT!!!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  16. I just found this forum when I decided to remodel my double wide! So glad I did, there are some great ideas here. I do have a question: Redneck Chic suggested a candle wax method for cabinets. I did a search and nothing came up. Can you please give instructions/details or even a picture showing the method? Thank you so much! I look forward to gaining much more insight into many topics.

    Have a GREAT DAY!

    Posted 3 years ago #

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